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Surprise Trip to Florida!

I surprised my little ones with a spontaneous trip to Hilton Grand Vacations at Tuscany Village in Orlando Florida!

This was one of my favorite trips! My girls and I live in New England and the winter months are long.  I was sitting in my office, watching yet another snow storm roll in, and thought to myself how wonderful it would be to escape to warm weather for a few days….. so I did!

I am fortunate to have a flexible schedule and the girls had April vacation coming up so I spontaneously booked a 5 day trip for us to Florida leaving the next day!

I quietly packed their suitcases after they went to bed and laid out shorts and tank tops on the coffee table the next morning! It was so fun to see them guess where we were going and the shock on their faces when they realized we were going to get on a plane in a hour and getting away from the cold!

Addie and Iyla LOVE to fly! Check out my Blog Post about Flying with Little Ones! We jumped on a plane and were in Florida in a few short hours!

Hilton Grand Vacation Club at Tuscany Village is AMAZING! The girls were greeted with princess crowns and magic fairy wands as I checked in.

Our suite was beautiful and felt like home away from home!  I rented a car for this trip and because I had a full kitchen we stopped at a local grocery store and we had food for the stay!

The king bed (after the girls jumped on it)
Great Jacuzzi tub in the room!

By purchasing groceries and having meals in the condo I saved a lot of money.  Of course we ate out some days but it was nice to wake up and have breakfast on the balcony or make mac and cheese after a long day for an easy dinner!

We did visit Magic Kingdom a day and also visited the Crayola Experience and the American Girl Store but we spent two full days enjoying all the pools and activities Hilton Grand Vacations offered! It was such a fantastic and relaxing escape from the New England cold!

Getting good seats for the outdoor movie!

We had such a great vacation and I highly recommend Hilton Grand Vacation Club at Tuscany Village for your next trip!


  1. Soooooo first I just want to say that it is also impossible for me to get pics before my kids “jump on the bed” or basically trash the place lol. It happens so fast. A friend was helping with my blog and was like “this picture would look better if the bed was fluffed”…. ummm… This was walking into the room lady my kids had already jumped on the bed!! Haha so I totally get it and it’s nice to see I’m not alone

    I have not had the pleasure of starting at the Hilton grand vacation in Tuscany village but I’ve stayed at other Hilton grand vacations and of course it’s always QUALITY!! lots of the time the deals are great also. Love having kitchens- it’s impossible for me to travel without them anymore!!

    I’m from Florida so my idea of a vacation is your snowy region lol!!! Love coming up to Jersey and New york!!

    1. Haha thank you so much for your comment!! I’m so happy to hear my kids are not the only ones who excitedly jump on their bed when they get into a new hotel room!!

      I love staying in a condo when traveling for more then a few days! It’s nice to have a couple breakfasts or a dinner after a long day in the room instead of going out!

  2. What a lovely surprise for your girls. I’m from Florida, but live in Atlanta now and I’m longing for a beach vacay right now! I couldn’t imagine living thru the winters in NewEngland!

    1. The winter months are long!! Our vacations are usually planned to warm destinations in February when we have had enough lol!

  3. What a fun, spontaneous idea!! I live in North Dakota–so I TOTALLY understand the need to get out of the cold! And how cute the hotel gave your girls fairy wands and princess crowns?? Love it. Definitely storing your last-minute vacay idea away for when my little girl is a bit older!

    1. Thank you for reading!! It was such a fun get away!! I highly recommend a spontaneous trip!

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